Comprehensive Quality Assurance

In our quest for Comprehensive Quality Assurance, we have deployed an elaborate system of checks & corrections at various levels. Online Quality control is done via Self Inspection at the Workstations by machine operators themselves. Plant wide quality management activities are carried out by the quality assurance departments in machine shop, through a team of trained personnel using rigorously documented manuals which are revised & updated continually. We have deployed a lineup of Quality Labs equipped with an elaborate range of state of the art testing & measurement equipments tightly calibrated to globally accepted standards.

Testing done

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Chrome plating thickness by electronic thickness tester
  • Tangential load testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Light Leakage test
  • Flatness test
  • Axial distortion test
  • End gap check
  • Physical check
  • Dimensional check
  • Piston Bore checking using Air Gauge
  • And many more

Technical Paper

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