Piston Pins

Piston Pins at Grindlays are made from high quality Alloy Steel (16MnCr5, 17Cr3, SCM415, SAE8620 etc) and are of fine micro structure. The manufacturing is performed on the state of the art machinery to achieve perfect dimensions (Roundness-within 2 microns, Concentrically-max 0.3mm, Surface Finish-0.1Ra Max.) and quality. At Grindlays we ensure that all pins are hardened and tempered , we ensure the pins are maintained between 58HRC to 64HRC hardness and case depth of 0.5mm to 1mm.These Pins are mainly made for Pistons made by us under our brand name GRINDTECH. We share a long association with OEM manufacturers. We ensure that our piston pins are very light and strong to withstand heavy mechanical shear and bending loads. High phosphorous content alloys are used to design our pins to deliver uncompromising strength. At Grindlays innovation is a way of life, driven by our in-house team of design specialists, the products that are sold under our brand name Grindtech are amonth the best in the industry. Over the years we have become a leading choice for piston pins by OEM part makers as well as vehicle enthusiasts all over the world.