Engine Valve Manufacturers in India

Appropriate thoughtfulness regarding the valves and valvetrain and other auto extras accessible is essential while adjusting a barrel head. With regards to purchasing an Engine Valves, quality matters. Getting the most out of your vehicle's motor, you ought to do your best to guarantee driving security. That is the reason purchasing Engine Valves from an approved retailer is vital, whether you're hitting the track or driving in surge hour./>We manufacture precision engine valves for automobiles, stationary engines, Generators and Diesel Engines of different make and model. The GRINDTECH brand is synonymous with innovation and flawlessly designed high performance valves. GRINDTECH is the leading brand of OE replacement and aftermarket engine parts in India and is trusted worldwide for high performance, durability and reliability.

At Grindlays you will get an exhaustive portfolio of customized intake and exhaust valves manufactured with precision. These are perfect and used by most people as OE replacement in production automobiles and special engines. We use high grade Bi-metal chromium silicon alloy series EN59 (214N) to manufacture these valves which makes them resistant to corrosion due to presence of hot gases and high temperature.

Our engine valve withstands harsh operating conditions of hot gases and high temperatures and delivers more than expected performance time & again. This is achieved as our valves are made of the finest alloy steel which helps it to remain stable under extreme working conditions. We manufacture both intake and exhaust valves. The function of the intake valve is to allow the fuel into the combustion chamber and the function of exhaust valve is to prevent the build up of carbon. Our chromium silicon alloy parts are resilient to heat degeneration and ensure long life time. Get in touch with our sales team today for bulk orders on GRINDTECH products.

Stem Dia 4.5mm to 12mm, Head Dia 16mm to 70mm


  • EN18D
  • EN24
  • EN52
  • EN54
  • EN59 (214N)


GRINDTECH also produces high performance valves with Chrome Plating, Tuff Nitriding, Induction Hardening (Tip & Head).

Quality Commitment

engine valveEach valve is subjected to following inspections
  • 100% Dimensional check
  • Profile check
  • Roundness test
  • Cylindricity test
  • Seat Leakage test